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Naked Nation (NOS) - The Powerful E Liquid Booster Review

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Naked Nation (NOS)

Naked Nation (NOS) is a Malaysian brand that provides a range of E-Liquids having unique flavouring juices for vaping and E-Cigarettes. Naked Nation (NOS) is not only a fruity mixture of a distinct rich variety of fruits rather it’s a sweet combination of lavish flavours that turn your vaping into seamless experiences. The rich fruitiness of distinct flavours transforms your ordinary vaping to a fantastic range of amazing elixirs.

Unlike the ordinary E-Juices, Naked Nation (NOS) has got an amazing range of E-Juices that keeps an individual invigorating throughout the day. Their fruity, citrus taste maintains the sweetness in your mouth whole day and keeps you charged to face the unforeseen events of the day. Single time intake leaves an unprecedented taste to your mouth that is sweet, minty, with a touch of rich fruity ingredients present in each drop. NOS products are highly engaging and revitalize you to face an amazing venture ahead in the day.

Naked Nation (NOS) comprises four products that transform the way you see the vaping industry. The four products namely, NOS – Blackforest, NOS – Drag Race, NOS – Full Throttle, and NOS – G-Force drags you from the ordinary world of vaping to a paradise professional world of vaping with a variety of sweet flavours that can be added to cater the rich taste of your tongue.

Let’s explore the distinct varieties of Naked Nation (NOS) that has a versatile potential to transform the E-Liquid Industry. My experiences with these varieties are as follows:


NOS – Blackforest

NOS Blackforest is blended with a combination of blackcurrant and mix fruit. The E-Juice fills an individual’s taste buds with sweet, acidic, green grape like taste. The floral aromas of roses and carnations rejuvenate your soul and keep you fresh and alive all day.


NOS – Drag Race

NOS Drag Race is a mixture of Lychee and Shisha. The E-Juice fills your taste buds with the hints of Watermelon, Mint, Jasmine Rose, Coconut, Oolong Tea, and Ginger. This mouth-watering E-Juice will keep you cool in the humid climate.


NOS – Full Throttle

NOS Full Throttle is another fruity flavoured solution that has a taste of lychee peppermint. Having NOS Full Throttle will make your mouth’s receptors experience the cold mint taste which keeps you cool and invigorating throughout the day.


NOS – G-Force

NOS – G-Force is a mixture of blackcurrant and grape. The citrus grapefruit taste brings in liveliness whole day. The richness of the forest fruits gives a kickstart to your day. A single intake of NOS – G-Force will keep you active throughout the day.

Overall, my experience with these amazing varieties of E-Juices was good. Even a single intake of them keeps you charged throughout the day. I will definitely use them again. All these flavours are available in the bottle of size 60ml. Their Pg/Vg ratio is 50/50 and they are available in 0mg and 3mg size. If you also want to stay active throughout the day, you can also order the same. The link to the collection Naked Nation (NOS) is given below: https://www.vapeorb.com/collections/naked-nation-nos. Please use them and don’t forget to share your amazing experiences.

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