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Fantasi the Fantastic E Liquid in the house!

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The Full Collection of Fantasi E Liquid/ E Juice


Fantasi is yet another fascinating collection of E-Liquid from Malaysia. Inspired by Malaysia’s heavenly beauty, Fantasi retain its Malaysian touch and taste in each of their products that an individual intake. Each drop of the E-Juice reminds you of the natural beauty and the sweet yummy flavours of distinct varieties of Fruits and Soda.

Fantasi is available in eight distinct flavours which include Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Lemonade Ice, Mango Ice, Mix Mango Grape, Mix Strawberry Apple, Mix Watermelon Ice, and Orange Ice. All these Fantasi products with their refreshing taste produce a complex multitude of distinct taste to your tongue.

Let’s explore these varieties individually:

Fantasi Apple Ice

fantasi apple ice

Fantasi Apple Ice is a perfect amalgamation of the flavours of Apple with the coolness of Mint. The coolness, freshness, juiciness, and sweetness of Apple and Mint freshen your mouth with a lasting effect.

Fantasi Grape Ice

fantasi grape ice

Fantasi Grape Ice is a combination of the rich flavours of Grapes powered by the coolness of mint. Its single intake will keep you charged throughout your work.

Fantasi Lemonade Ice

fantasi lemonade ice

Fantasi Lemonade Ice gives a sour, bitter, and a minty touch to your taste bud. Lemonade’s sweet and sour taste creates an interesting experience on its own.

Fantasi Mango Ice

fantasi mango ice

Fantasi Mango Ice gives your taste bud a rich flavor of mango even in the offseason. For those having digestion, cholesterol, or diabetes problems, Fantasi Mango Ice provides is a great product that provides you with the richness and the sweetness of mangoes in every sip taken.

Fantasi Mix Mango Grape

fantasi mix mango grape

Fantasi Mix Mango Grape is a combination of the flavours of Grapes, Mangoes, and lemons, powered by the sweet aromas of methanol. The rich flavours soothe down your throat and give it a peppermint sensation that is effective over the day.

Fantasi Orange Ice

fantasi orange ice

Fantasi Orange Ice is an icy sour orange-like taste E-Juice that gives the sweetness of navel oranges. On its top lies the rich mint flavours that produce a mild numbing sensation to your mouth.

Fantasi Mix Strawberry Apple

fantasi mix strawberry apple

Fantasi Mix Strawberry Apple, as the name suggests is a mixture of Strawberry and Apple. The mixture fills your mouth with sweetness, tartness, and coolness of mint. With three different combinations in a single bottle, Fantasi Mix Strawberry Apple E-Juice is my favourite among all.

Fantasi Mix Watermelon Ice

fantasi mix watermelon ice

Fantasi Mix Watermelon Ice reminds you of the watery flavoured watermelons originated in Malaysia.

These rich Fantasi flavours are available in 65ml bottles. They have a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and are both available in 0mg and 6mg. These are compact and can easily be taken on the go. With a number of distinct varieties, it might become tricky for you to find the right E-Juice. With my experience above, I hope you will sort out the one that will fill your taste bud with the richness of distinct flavours. You can explore the distinct variety of Fantasi E-Juices at https://www.vapeorb.com/collections/fantasi. Don’t forget to share your experience after exploring the distinct varieties and to check our latest posts and giveaways on Facebook

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