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May 02, 2018 2 min read


Binjai Juice is one of the Malaysian e juice with the most sensational and smooth flavour, sweetened to perfection. It has different series of categories which includes: Binjai Ice, Binjai Cloud, Binjai Royal Dessert and Binjai XL juice. But in this article, I want to focus on Binjai Ice, one of the best e liquid in Malaysia.

Binjai Ice consists of different type of vapes with an icy hit to the back of the throat, nice and lovely flavour that sits on the tongue for the whole day. They are largely consumed in Malaysia because it is cheap and affordable. The cost of 60ml of Binjai Ice series at 33 MYR. There are different types of flavour for Binjai Ice juice which are: Cranberry Strawberry, Orange Cranberry, Green Apple Grape, Mango Honey Dew and Lemonade Strawberry.


Cranberry Strawberry

A perfect blend of cool and minty strawberry combination, contained in 60ml volume with Pg/Vg of 40/60. The sweet crispy cranberry flavour creates a sensational vaping experience that fills the mouth with the taste of strawberry.


Orange Cranberry

This is an amazing combination of the fruity flavour of an orange and savoury taste of cranberry that brings outstanding vaping experience that leaves the breath freshening for the whole day. It is contained in a bottle of 60ml with Pg/Vg of 40/60. One of the honest reviews goes thus: “what a feeling of natural orange flavour blended with cranberry, keep vaping all day”


Mango Honeydew

A vape juice that is amazingly delicious with the flavour of sweet mango inhales that makes the mouth drool for more. Upon exhaling, this is when the ripe honeydew is felt in the mouth and leaves a long-lasting memory on the tip of the tongue. The taste isn’t harsh or irritates the mouth. It is very smooth and cool. The volume is 60ml and Pg/Vg is 40/60.


Lemonade Strawberry

The blend of a lemon-lime flavour and the sweetness of strawberry will get you puffing this particular e juice all day. The flavor satisfies the taste bud with a superb cool sweet sensation. Its bottled in 60ml with Pg/Vg of 40/60. This makes your vaping experience superb.


Green Apple Grape

The green apple grape flavour is one e liquid that makes you become an addict of Binjai Juice with the distinct sweet grape on inhaling combined with a hint of green apple on exhale. it’s always in a volume of 60ml with Pg/Vg: 40/60. The taste is so sweet and refreshing as you would expect.

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