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July 12, 2019 2 min read

Soft Drink Series

You can't drink a soda for breakfast but you can vape it, so kick-start your day with this whole series of soft drinks infused flavour e-juice. It's common for us to drink soft drinks but what if we can vape air that tastes just like soft drinks instead of just drinking it?


Soft Drink - Spirit Soda (100ml)

It's colourless, caffeine-free, just like the famous lemon and lime-flavoured soft drink taste. Blended with cooling sensation making it really hard to resist.


Soft Drink - Pepsy (100ml)

This e-juice is the taste of the famous sweet blend of soda and citrusy flavour. A classic soft drink that everyone loves under a hot summer day.


Soft Drink - Kola (100ml)

The taste of the famous cola flavour with a touch of fizziness. It also blends with a cooling sensation just like the spirit soda, hard to resist such an iconic soft drink flavour.


Soft Drink - Bull (100ml)

Subtle but not too sweet which tasted just like the famous energy drink, feeling tired? Why not grab one of these and ensure you have the energy to power yourself up all day long!


In conclusion, this soft drink series tasted exactly like what I would have expected a soft drink flavoured e-juice should taste like. The subtle taste of the e-juice without excessive sweetness brings a perfect balance of enjoying the flavour and the cooling sensation. Just what I need to satisfy my love for soft drinks in a completely different experience. The flavours come in the sizes of 100ml bottle and includes two varieties of nicotine level which are 3mg and 6mg. What are you waiting for if you love soft drinks as much as I do, grab yours today at